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Givendale Camp 4th - 6th May

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From the 4th - 6th May 2012  Market Weighton Scout troop held a joint camp with Stamford Bridge Scout troop. We setup camp at Pocklington district campsite, Givendale.

The camp was a great success for all those who took part from the scouts to the leadership team, we achieve all that was set out in true scouting style, From blind mans trail to spiders webs to backwards cooking.

Once we had all arrived we had a flag break were Matt reminded us of the 5 most important things of camp:

Have fun!
Have fun!
Have fun!
Have fun!
Be safe!

All vehicles were emptied, tent erected in sleeping area's, all kitchen equipment stored away.
We decided it was time to play wide games before bed!!

On saturday the Scouts were up, washed, dressed, and ready to start the day. First order of the day was cook breakfast on a wood fire, and wash up.

We split the scouts into 3 groups. 1 groups did a spiders web with Matty, 1  groups did pioneering with Darren, and the last group did blind mans trail!! with Chris after 30 minuets we swapped the groups about.

After the activities were completed we started backwards cooking with John, who explained that we were going to cook 3 different things to eat with only tin foil and a knife.

The first meal was a hollowed out potato with a filling of your choice rapped in foil and cooked in ash for 30mins, the second was pizzas in a reflector oven with topping of your choice and lastly was burgers in cabbage leaves wrapped in foil left for 10 mins in hot ash.

After a quick clean up from dinner we set off on a hike of the surrounding country side walking along the foot paths and bridal ways around Givendale, we encouraged all scouts to lead a section of the walk so they could relate the map to we're they were thankfully they didn't get lost!!

On the way back to camp the scouts brought branches and logs to place on the campfire, then they started to cook their own tea as the leaders left them to see if they had learnt the basic skills required to cook rice, peas and chicken. Success!! they managed this with no problems.

Now off to play wide games in the valley, once the scout were tired out we had a campfire led by Matty.

On Sunday all scouts were up, dressed, washed and ready to start getting ready to cook breakfast and wash everything ready to place in the trailer to go home, all personal kit was pack and tents left to air and dry.

The Scouts played rounders while the leaders finished off sorting out the hut.

Everyone had dinner then we started to strike camp and load vehicles.

John closed camp after thanking the leadership team for their help in making camp a fun filled 3 days and thanking the scouts for having fun but being safe!

All the scouts walked to the top of Givendale were they were met by parents to pick them up, we all headed back to the hut and put all the camping gear away.

I would like to thank all the leaders for their hard work and participation in the weekends events and a big thank you to the parents who provide transport and helped to pack the camping gear away.

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