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Hesley Wood Summer Camp 2012

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Summer Camp 2012

From the 17th - 20th August 2012  Market Weighton Scout troop held our annual summer camp. We held this year’s camp at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre, Chapeltown, Sheffield.

The camp was a great success for all those who took part from the scouts to the leadership team; we achieve all that was set out before us, from climbing walls to the cube to canoeing.

The trailer was emptied, the marque was erected, the kitchen equipment and cookers were sorted out and then the rest of the tents were put up.
It was time for dinner and some well earnt rest after such a busy start to the day, the scouts played gamed and relaxed before the exciting activities planned for the weekend.

Once tea was eaten we showed the scouts the plans for the next 3 days of activities and split them into to two groups. The scouts played games until bedtime.

On Saturday the Scouts were up, washed and ready for a fun packed day. Breakfast was eaten and the wash up was done, it was time to split into our groups and head down to the lake. The instructors were already and waiting for us, group 1 did raft building while group 2 did canoeing.

We swapped over after an hour. All the scout enjoyed the water activities as group 2 were walking on their canoes and racing round the lake, group 1 were doing the hocay kocky dance, they put their left hand in and ....... splash as they were pushed in and the water for a water fight to follow.

Once everybody had dried and changed it was dinner time back at site with the promise of the climbing tower and obstacle course in the afternoon.  We set of in our groups with thoughts of who will reach the top if the tower 1st and how dirty the other group will be after the obstacle course. We weren't disappointed at how muddy the scouts became after running crawling and jumping over muddy puddles climbing muddy obstacles.

Everyone came back to site in desperate need of a shower and clean clothes before tea was served. While the scouts showered and made themselves presentable the leaders cooked tea which was waiting for them once they had all returned.

In Scouting tradition we headed down to the campfire witch was led by Rick the camp warden. Some scouts were being a bit loud and lairy so Rick had them up with him doing the zombie song, with each group suggesting what songs we should sing. As Rick closed the camp fire we went off to play wide games on the field near out pitch followed by supper and bed!!

On Sunday the Scouts were up, washed and ready for a fun packed day. Breakfast was eaten and the wash up was done, it was time to split into our groups and head to "The Cube" and create climb.

The scouts were excited about the cube and what challenges lay before them but not as keen about stacking creates up until they realised they would be stood on them reaching for the sky!! The record was 72 high touching the cross bar, the tallest we got to was 40 but the kids loved it! Meanwhile the other group were exploring a pitch black maze called " The Cube" inside it they were looking for puzzle pieces on three floors, some scouts were excited some were scared of what lay before them.

Both groups swapped over after an hour, when they had completed both the create climb and "the cube" it was time for dinner, with the promise of doing some traditional Scouting for the afternoon while tea was gently stewing!!

We built a bridge from the pioneering supplies we hired from site, with the scouts learning how to tie a clove hitch, reef knot and a square lashing to hold all the poles together. The bridge was made in 3 parts so team work and communication was essential so the parts could be assembled and the scouts could cross over the bridge without it collapsing or being uneven. Then decided they would like to make a square pyramid with a platform on it.

We decided to build on their team work skills with a command task, were you outline a brief to the team leader who then has to action it. Chris laid out boxes as islands, planks as bridges, a box needed retrieving and they had to take a spear wheel across with them. Sounds simple enough however the Scouts struggled and struggled with how to approach this idea and they couldn't decide on a plan. Chris offered some hints and tips and 4 goes later the finally got to the other side, I hope a little bit wiser!

John came to where we were pioneering to say the stew was ready once all equipment was returned to its rightful place. After tea eaten the scouts played wide games until bedtime.

On Monday the Scouts were up, washed and ready for a fun packed morning as we needed to pack the trailer and get ready to go home in the afternoon. Breakfast was eaten and the wash up was done, it was time to split into our groups and head to the cresta run and orienteering.

The crests run was a long downhill wooden track leading to a cushioned stop if u hasn't applied the brakes fast enough!! We raced 1st to the finish line then who could get down the fastest on their own! Best time 9 seconds. Meanwhile the other group were off looking for orienteering markers all over the site, we swapped over after an hour. The end result was; the fastest time was 9 seconds archived by a beaver and a cub.

When everyone had arrived back at site from the morning activities it was dinner time and we then packed up to leave the site after a wonderful weekend of adventures activities.

I would like to thank all the leaders for their hard work and participation in our Hesley Wood summer camp!!

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