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Beavers first visit to Givendale

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Fantastic Night had by all 

Tonight 20 Beaver Scouts put on their walking shoes and rucksack's and made their way down the dirt track to the district camp site for an hour and half of running around "climbing mountains" (referred to by the beavers) Shooting arrows (archery) and a beaver badge hunt.

On arriving the beavers were very eager to get started so after breaking the flag the beavers were divided in to 3 groups and set on their way to the 3 activities. 

Group 1 went off to do a beaver badge hunt, in the camping areas the beaver leaders had placed 15 large badges in various places with a grid in one hand and pencil in the other they were off to find these badges and numbers linked together - while this was working towards badge work this also promoted team work within the groups. Excited voices of “we found one" could be heard across the site.

Group 2 walked across to do the large spiders web activity, a large spider web made of rope was formed across 2 trees and they had to work in teams and be very carefully get all their team through the web without touching any rope. This activity also worked on team work and also confidence building and gave the Beavers a challenge to complete.

Group 3 went off with Mathew Bell (Stamford Bridge leader) to have a go at... in beaver terms arrow throwing also known as archery. The beavers listened very carefully to the full safety briefing, then took their positions to hit the targets. Cheers could be heard all around the site as the beavers got extremely excited at hitting the target or not. Just shooting an arrow was just as exciting as hitting a target for all beavers.

All 3 groups managed all 3 activities, ending the night with juice and fruit and a chance for the beavers to have a quick run around.

To finish a card and flowers where presented to Jill Axup former Beaver Scout Leader for all her help over the 2 years with the unit.  Thank you Jill :)

Beaver of the night was present to Bradley for his fantastic effort and a great team player when doing the spider’s web activity.

20 tired beavers made their way back up the dirt track to meet parents.

All beavers were fantastic and a great night was enjoyed by all.


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